Carol Tunney, M.D., Arlington, Vermont

Dr. Tunney, both an OB/GYN and a shaman, has a full time shamanic practice. In addition, she teaches classes in metaphysics and shamanism, hosts an alternative medicine radio show and, as a college professor, teaches nursing students. These are her comments about the manuscript.

Connected for All Time is very well written. It is clear, easy to read, very organized, and has a good flow. Dr. Wesch has done a fantastic job of writing on a layperson level without talking down to the reader. The stories in this book will touch the hearts of the reader and invite people to heal on a very deep level.

The section on healing grief (Chapters 6-10 in Book One) is written at a very high vibration. The information and techniques Dr. Wesch presents transcend the issue of loss and grief. Radiant Heart Healing is applicable to many other issues such as PTSD and healing after rape or abuse. This section is extraordinary!

Because one in three pregnancies ends in miscarriage, this topic has a broad appeal, and the target audience is huge. It includes anyone who has experienced the loss of an infant—extended family members, as well. Others who will find this book illuminating and beneficial are healthcare providers who work with babies and their families, ministers, therapists, and healers—anyone who assists those who have encountered this type of loss.

This book definitely has the potential to be a best seller.

Beth Seyda: President of PLIDA, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Beth, a bereaved parent, is Board President of the Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death Alliance (PLIDA), an international organization dedicated to helping bereaved families after infant loss.

I met Dr. Sharon Wesch over two years ago at the National Perinatal Bereavement Conference. I felt an immediate connection with her when I learned of her work and the book she was writing, Connected for All Time.  Since then Sharon invited me to share in its pages the story of the birth and death of our newborn son, Dylan, and our spiritual awakening. It was wonderful to recall the many events surrounding our son’s earth life and afterlife, and with Sharon’s expertise, more fully explore our transformation and the spiritual lessons we learned.

By allowing bereaved families to share their journeys and bare their souls in this book, all of those who read it are offered countless opportunities for spiritual growth and healing. Grieving loved ones will recognize themselves and their experiences in these stories, feel less alone in their spiritual struggles, and will further heal from their loss. Each reader will gain insights as to his or her own soul purpose, as well as that of their baby.

Barbara Grace: Spiritual Psychologist, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Grace is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a spiritual teacher. She works with grief from a spiritual viewpoint, so the premise of Connected for All Time  matches her theoretical understanding of how to help clients heal after the death of a loved one.

This book is a long-awaited description of the spiritual connection that continues with various family members after the death of a baby. Dr. Wesch, a master teacher and brilliant writer, is an expert on how the grief process can lead to healing and spiritual transformation. In Connected for All Time: Book One and Book Two, she has done an excellent job combining real life stories with spiritual knowledge in a loving, clear, and eloquent manner that brings hope and healing to the reader. I will be recommending this book to my clients and friends, as well as referring to it when teaching my metaphysical classes.

Cynthia Richmond: Author and Writing Consultant, Sedona, Arizona

Cynthia Richmond is the author of Dream Power, How To Use Your Night Dreams To Change Your Life, published in 2000 by Simon and Schuster. In addition she is a board-certified behavioral therapist who works with many clients dealing with grief.

In Connected for All Time: Book One and Book Two, Dr. Sharon Wesch brings extreme comfort and opportunity for healing, not just for the bereaved parents, but for the entire family and friends who are also feeling the loss. Many people avoid parents after the loss of a child simply because they don’t know what to say and are afraid of adding pain to the already deep wound. The stories in this book offer an uplifting even joyful approach. It was so heartwarming to hear about the blessings these babies brought to their families, even with such brief lives. So many families are affected by infant mortality; Connected for All Time: Book One and Book Two will be a welcome salve for their aching hearts.

Pat Kish: Creator, The Wounded Healers Program, Munster, Indiana

After her husband’s death in 1993, Pat Kish created a program called “The Wounded Healers” at their family-owned funeral home in Northwest Indiana. This program provides free, monthly grief support groups to anyone in the community and now has over 600 participants each month. Because the program grew so large, Pat has trained many volunteers to run the various weekly groups.

When I first started to read Connected for All Time, I was immediately caught up in the fascinating stories. Each one held my interest and carried such authenticity. They touched my heart and drew me into the book—actually, I hated to put it down. Dr. Wesch’s descriptions of life on the other side were so clear that I could picture in mind just what I was reading. Having had three miscarriages myself, I was most interested in “Book One, Chapter Five: Eternal Family Love Bonds.” It is so very comforting to imagine the spirits of my miscarried babies on the other side with all their loving ancestors and their father, my departed husband.Connected for All Time: Book One and Book Two will each be a blessing not only for anyone who has lost an infant, even if, like me, the loss occurred many years ago, but also for people dealing with grief after the loss of any loved one. This is a book I will recommend to the participants of our grief support groups.

Jay Johnson: Founder of Centering Corporation, Omaha, Nebraska

Joy Johnson is the founder and owner of Centering Corporation, the largest distributor of grief books in the United States. Every year she promotes their books and other materials at numerous national conferences for healing grief.

I only had to read several pages in each section to know this is terrific. You are one of the best writers I’ve read in a long time.