Radiant Heart Healing Book

Using Radiant Heart Healing to Heal Grief After Infant Loss

The long-term goal of using the Radiant Heart Healing process is to remember your baby with love instead of pain.

Radiant Heart Healing (RHH) is designed to work with the energy of grief. Grief, as an emotional energy, is very debilitating and can cause problems mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Using the RHH visualizations, you release the low, slow vibrations of the grief energy from the cells of your body, as well as from your aura. When this is completed, you visualize filling your body and your aura with the high, fast frequency of divine love. The RHH method is uniquely designed to return you to your natural state of radiance so you can live with renewed joy, passion, and zest!

The Radiant Heart Healing model for healing grief has 4 components:

1)  Releasing the energy of grief from your heart.

2)  Filling your heart center with the energy of divine love.

3)  Having an experience of meaningful spirit communication.

4)  Shifting to a spiritual perspective about life here on earth and the afterlife.

Each of these components used independently will likely provide some relief to anyone who is grieving a loved one. Together, they create a comprehensive and integrated approach to healing after the loss of an infant.

For more detailed information:

Read, Connected for All Time: Book One, Chapter Eight.

For experiential training, see www.radianthearthealing.net

Dates and Locations for Radiant Heart Healing Trainings will be posted on the website.


  • Radiant Heart Healing: Level One Training
  • Includes Training for Self Healing and Training for Healers