A Spiritual Solution to Grief After Infant Loss …

Connected for All Time - Books One and Two

Connected for All Time: Book One 

… gives voice to the tiniest of unheard voices – the spirits of infants who have transitioned due to miscarriage, stillbirth, and newborn death.

The spiritual wisdom they share in this collection of true stories is meant to open the minds and hearts of the readers so they can find a spiritual solution to grief after infant loss.

With the assistance of the Spirit babies, Dr. Wesch offers new choices, new understandings, and renewed hope for healing what is often called “the pain that never goes away.”  Using joyful, uplifting stories, she shows the reader that it is possible for grieving family members to first shift to a spiritual perspective and then completely free themselves from suffering and transform their grief into joy.

Connected for All Time: Book Two

… is about spiritual awakening and the evolution of human consciousness. This focus on spiritual development is absolutely necessary because awakening to Spirit is the only way to heal the deep soul wound caused by the death of a beloved baby. Those who have been able to remember their baby with love instead of pain are the ones who have come to realize who they really are.

You are a magnificent, powerful soul who has come to earth to evolve and learn the lessons of love. Your beloved baby is also a powerful soul who came to earth for a short time and chose your family to accomplish some sacred purpose.

Picture of Dr. Sharon Wesch

Sharon J. Wesch, Ph.D.

Without a doubt, the death of every baby has meaning and purpose. Whenever an infant dies, there is a sacred pre-birth plan developed at the soul level for both the death of this infant and the spiritual evolution of the family as they heal their grief. Our souls know the truth about this divine plan, but at the human level, we have forgotten.

About the Author

Sharon J. Wesch, Ph.D., author, teacher and spiritual healer, has thirty years of experience dedicated to healing grief – it’s her soul mission, personally and professionally. A pioneering spirit, she created a holistic center and has traveled internationally teaching spiritual healing.

She created Radiant Heart Healing in 1984 and uses it to heal grief, anxiety, depression, relationships, and soul loss. She certifies Radiant Heart Healing Practitioners and teaches a process called Birthing Radiant Babies.

Dr. Wesch currently resides in Texas with her husband, Jerry Wesch, Ph.D.

Angel's Lullaby graphic

Angel’s Lullaby

About the Artist

The artwork on the cover of the Connected for All Time books is entitled Angel’s Lullaby and was created by Carolyn Utigard Thomas (www.utigard.com). She is a contemporary artist working primarily in watercolor.  Her paintings are adventures of the spirit and landscapes of the mind.

Angel’s Lullaby

The guardian angel embraces an infant in everlasting peace and safety.
Be comforted by her loving gaze and listen for her quiet lullaby.

Note from Dr. Wesch

I’ll always remember the spark of joy in my heart when I found this picture of an angel holding a baby. I knew in the moment that the spirit babies had guided me to this perfect image for the cover. I want to extend my thanks to Carolyn for allowing me to use this wonderful artwork.

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